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  • Françoise Catalàa comments: « Exhibitions in galleries or museums have always been presented around the idea of 'pathing'. I believe that we are “on the move” from our birth until our death, alternating between curiosities and questions, and this is the “pathing” that best translates these feelings.


    Little by little, series of numbers '1234567' replaced the series of sculptures in 7 elements which, often on a human scale, became difficult to store in the workshop. I started these writings, as a game, on shamanic rattles of my own making which accompanied my inner incantations (see the installation/course INCANTARE). Then I wrote these numbers on hot curved wood, then on papyrus. It was then that I wanted to write them on fabrics. The fabric accompanies us from birth to death. I discovered another advantage to this work: a ‘Fabrics and Videos’ exhibition on 500m² can be transported in a 20 kg suitcase.


    This was the case for the last exhibitions in India in 2004, 2005, and 2006. I indeed used the 'framework' of the series of 7 by printing '1-2-3-4-5-6-7' in 260 different ancient and contemporary languages on fabrics using the Indian artisan technique of fabric printing... To do this, I engrave blocks of teak wood with my writing upside down. I can currently work with 5 300 listed languages. And I stop there my research started in 1992...


    These series represent for me the dilated time, amplified when it is lived with intensity.»