CATALÀA Françoise
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  • Indeed, with this artist it is difficult to separate the sculptor from the graphic designer, as well as from the architect.

    With pleasure, I find in her this mixture of genres that charmed me so much in the youth of then, so enamored of freedom.

    Since the 1950s, our society has been evolving irresistibly towards a compartmentalization of roles and functions. Against this sclerosis, Françoise Catalàa in her work crosses all disciplines and marvelously succeeds in this permanent passage from an art to the other.
    I turn one or two pages and I see her as an architect, I read further and I discover her doing the work of a committed lettrist. I look at a last catalog, she turns out to be a painter. I like this wandering, especially when you find yourself in front of a tight, thoughtful, disciplined work, not at all oriented in the direction of the wind of fashion or circumstances.


    Claude PARENT

    Architecte Membre de L’Institut, Académie des beaux-arts, Paris.
    Fragments de l’avant-propos du livre ‘Catalàa libre parcours’ 2007.