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  • Since 1975, date of her graduation from the Fine Arts, two characteristics mark the work of Françoise CATALÁA: A sculpture is made up of 7 elements, the presence of time in action.
    Her sculptures are always presented in installations to be explored in relation to the place invested, whether this place is a gallery, a museum or a public space.
    Pierre RESTANY wrote in 1990 about Françoise CATALÁA:
    «.. the fractalysed serial chords (of her work), based on a very precise understanding of the base material (wood, steel, copper, glass, brick, stone, etc.) offer the spectator-actor the opportunity unique of a total redefinition in relation to the surrounding space.»



    Françoise CATALÁA received in 2014, the Medal of Arts from the Academy of Architecture, and in 2005, the prize 'La Bourse d'études en sculpture' for the research work '1234567- Installations fabrics encrypted and videos' of the Academy of Fine Arts, Institute of France


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  • CATALÁA in her Workshop of Suresnes.
    Photo P.Fuzeau.